"La Vie En Rose"  we strive to bring joy and positivity through our designs. There's so much uncertainty in the world around us but we like to believe in hope and hope in the future.  

Our mission as a business is to connect with people, to create unique and authentic designs. Getting married is a display of your own optimism and hope in the future and the future of your family. With our flowers, we want to put your sense of joy, optimism and hope on display and bring it to life through flowers- which is what we call "la vie en rose."

We take a limited number of events each year and only take one wedding per wedding day. It's our hearts desire to connect with each person and artistically create the highest quality floral designs. With "La Vie En Rose" we focus on you, your wedding and celebrating you through floral design. 

La vie en rose

Our Mission

Fill out the contact form, then I will reach out to you to set up a consultation. This is the time to get to know you and all about your wedding day! Once we have our initial consultation, I will design a custom proposal for you included with itemized pricing. 

I love dreaming up your florals with different texture, color palettes and offering unique designs! Supporting our local flower farmers is something that is very very important to me. I work with the best local flower farmers from Hardinsburg, Indiana to Simpsonville, Kentucky who specialize in a wide variety of unique flowers. The beauty and quality of these flowers are unlike any other! I love going to the farms on your wedding week to hand pick and sometime cut straight from the vine unique flowers and textures that remind me of you and your aesthetic within the season. It's something very special that I then put into your bouquets! 

My team and I work long days and night to travel and pick up your flowers from multiple places, go to local farms, hydrate and process each stem and then start the design process. Once your wedding day is here, we deliver and set up all of your flowers and design any installations on site. Then at the end of the night, we come back to collect all rentals. We love to offer this service to help you and your family enjoy your day and night! :) 

Our Process

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